How I made over 969% increase on Google AdSense in 1 Month (COMPLETE DETAILS)

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In this long article, I am going to explain and analyse how I made over 969% increase on my Google AdSense account.

First of all, let me tell you a little about myself for those who are not familiar with my works. I never have passion for blogging despite the fact that I have created over a dozen blogs for people.

I just didn’t consider myself having the time and strength to write articles, news, updates and so on. So, I never did. Up until August 2019, when I decided to give blogging a trial in order to increase my earnings (passive income!). Now the problem arose, how do I monetize my contents after creating them?

I started my first blog in August, 2019 and fortunately, I got approved for Google AdSense within the same month.

Wait a minute, I haven’t explained what Google AdSense means!

This advertising program was launched in mid 2003 by Google and is currently the most popular advertising program on the Internet. It provides a good opportunity for webmasters and site owners to monetize their traffic – every year, Google pays over $10 billion to its publishers.

How Google AdSense Works?

Google AdSense provides a way for publishers to earn money from their online content. AdSense works by matching ads to your site based on your content and visitors. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products. So technically, I don’t have to look for advertisers myself. All I did was apply to Google AdSense for FREE and I get paid for hosting those ads for my visitors!

How to Create an AdSense Account

Step 1 – Create an Account with Google AdSense

The first step is to go to the Google AdSense website and create an account. Your AdSense account is associated with a Google Account like the one you use to login to Gmail, YouTube, etc.

Step 2 – Add AdSense ads to your website / blog

Before being accepted to the program, Google needs to check that your website adheres to the AdSense guidelines. To pass this step, you need to add AdSense code to your site so that the Google crawler can access your website’s content.

During this step and until you are fully approved, AdSense ads are not shown to your website but they are hidden by default. If your application is accepted, ads will start to show and you will get paid for the clicks.

Have in mind that this is a once-off process since after you are accepted as an AdSense publisher, you can run AdSense on any website or blog you want (provided of course that it is not violating any AdSense rules).

Step 3 – Set up your payment information

The next and final process in the application process is to add your payment information so that you receive payment at the end of the month and once you passed the minimum threshold of $100.

Please note that before receiving any money from AdSense, Google will verify your postal address by sending you an envelope with a PIN so make sure that the details you provide for your postal address are correct.

I received my PIN at my local post office by December, 2020 and got verified for payments. This is a once-off process too and you can receive money any month without additional verification.

How I got suspended on Google AdSense for 30 days

Mid-way between September to October 2019, I received an email from Google AdSense that payments have been paused and my blog would stop displaying ads. I was bitter, scared and confused. No way to appeal and I have to wait for a whole 30-days to continue monetizing my traffic. Although I believed the reason for the suspension was invalid traffic and invalid clicks on those Ads, which is against AdSense policy. While the fault might be from my blog visitors, there is no one to punish but me. I kept releasing new contents and patiently waiting for the suspension to be over.

How I received my first Google AdSense payment by December

When the suspension was over, my blog started to display ads and monetization continues. Due to my busy schedule as a web developer, I always schedule my contents so I can always have time for my primary job. By December 2019, I have well passed the $100 threshold required by Google AdSense to proceed in paying me (don’t forget I have been approved and verified the previous months).

Since it was my first time of receiving payments from Google AdSense, I was a bit scared. I filled my Nigerian Bank savings Account and I waited patiently for payment. Towards the end of January, I got a credit alert and I sensed a relief that I have finally been paid for my hard work for the past 5 months that I started blogging.

So how I made over 969% increase on Google Adsense in 30 days? The real truth

There are numerous factors and options I could use to increase my earnings (applies to everyone). So, what I did was ensure my work efficiency and productivity increased.

Some of the factors for determining how much you make from AdSense:

  • The amount of traffic your website receives
  • The type of traffic
  • The number of advertisers in your niche
  • The type of content you have on your website
  • The position of your AdSense ads

While I will write deeply on each point on my subsequent articles, I was able to utilize and promote my contents through the major social media platforms.

After I received my first payment, it propelled me to keep working harder and efficiently. By May 2020, I created another blog for a different niche. Well, this second blog got approved in 50 days (in June) after several disapproval. I guess it was because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the impact it had on Google AdSense staff which unfortunately is not peculiar to them but also to many businesses around the world.

Now, I have got 2 blogs making profits from their contents. In most cases, I only source for contents in their niches and then publish it on the blogs. At the end of June, my revenue increased by 969% from May to June (30 days interval).

While you might say I got lucky, I believe an increase in the traffic for both blogs played an important part. In fact, my one-month old blog got more traffic than my one-year old blog.

Let me also add that right now, my old blog currently receives over 40% of its daily visitors from Google Search. This is a subset of traffic I do not pay for or stress myself to have. This traffic gets better everyday, for free and hopefully, it will remain so for a very long time to come. This is an article for another day on How I got Active Visitors on my blog FOR FREE with good Search Engine Optimization SEO.

How can you make money & replicate these successes on Google AdSense?

While I might not have the magic wand, you too can make money online through your blog / website. It is quite easy and quite frankly I am not leaving blogging anytime soon (obviously!).

  • Make sure that your website has a lot of content (a number of pages indexed by Google)
  • Make sure that most of your content is unique and original (not copied from other websites)
  • Make sure that your pages do have the text content (not only images and videos)
  • Ensure your website / blog has good SEO and be intentional about each content you upload.

My final thoughts

Google AdSense is a great way to make money online. It’s easy to use, it’s reliable and it works better than any other platform. When someone clicks on ads appearing on your website, you get a large portion of the revenue. While it’s easy to set up and use, there are a number of things you can do to increase your revenue by tweaking your ad positions and settings.

If you don’t have an AdSense account, the first step is to apply and get accepted to the program and then hope that someday you will also be featured in the Google AdSense success stories!

Are you currently using Google AdSense, but you have issues in getting high revenue; let us know in the comment section.

If you are encouraged by this and you intend to start a blog / website, let us know also in the comment section.

If you know someone that needs to be encouraged by this article, kindly share to them below.

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