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8 Online Businesses you can start with nothing in year 2020

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If you Google “online business ideas,” you’ll find no shortage of articles claiming to have the “100 Best Business Ideas” or the “50 Online Businesses That’ll Make You Rich.”

Don’t be fooled though — just a quick look at those articles show that their ideas are weak, they won’t give you more money and flexibility, and they’re definitely not worth your time.

If you’re at all interested in starting your own online business, there’s no time like the present. We live in a golden age of wealth. As much as the media tries to glorify the perils of our society, we actually live in a time that’s ripe with opportunity and the potential for monumental business growth at a scale never before experienced. Thanks to the internet and smartphones, the amount of commerce being conducted online has experienced explosive growth.

Let’s Proceed

1. Start A Blog

It doesn’t require years of experience to start a blog. It is a noble profession that only requires between 10-30 hours of hard work per week. With time, your readers & subscribers will increase. With a bit of promotion on sites like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and eventually organic traffic, within a couple of months you should be pulling in 30K to 50K unique visitors a month. Monetize the site with Adsense to get some revenue in to cover costs and make profits.

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer

One of the easiest ways to make money online is affiliate marketing. An affiliate is essentially someone who receives a commission for selling products for other companies, whether it’s on their own site or through another channel like Ebay, The best part is that you don’t have to develop any products yourself, just sell other people’s products. Simply sign up as an affiliate to sell a company’s products using your special referral link, and you can get a commission for each product sold without lifting a finger. Commission ranges from product to product and also goes up in stages according to how many products sales your clicks generate.

3. Create an Ecommerce Store

An Ecommerce store is an online version of a brick and mortal shop. The only difference is that the ecommerce store is automated and doesn’t require your presence or availability online to sell. Infact, you don’t have to have the products before you can sell them. You can take the orders online, collect payments, buy the products, then send to your customer; all at no cost to you. You can also allow multiple vendors to sell on your ecommerce store while you take commissions for each sale made by the vendors.

4. Become A Social Media Consultant

Some companies and business firms can easily hire a full-time staff coordinator or corresponding agency to run their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, but smaller businesses frequently have to manage their own marketing for social media. But, because they have a great number of other responsibilities, many times business owners are too overwhelmed or busy to spend a lot of time on developing their social media approach.

As a consultant for social media, you can effectively steer them in the right direction concerning ideal tactics, implementing schedules, and posting content regarding their target audience. Therefore, as their business grows, so will yours.

5. Become a Professional Freelancer

Anyone can be a freelancer. At no cost, you could sell your skills for various clients online. Freelancing via the Internet is a great way for experts in their individual trades to help a variety of clients overall. Several freelancing and project-based websites let businesses that need extra help to list their projects. Small businesses and freelancers offer proposals, ideas, or bids, whereby the buyers can easily choose what they want and need. Sites like Freelancer or Upwork cover just about everything including writing content, creating graphic design, programming, and data entry

6. Get Paid to Write

If managing a blog seems a bit overwhelming but you still desire to indulge your writing passion, you can write for other sites or blogs like PayPerPost, Textbroker, or Helium. Also, writing an interesting e-book (on any topic) may also be an option for you as well. E-books do not have any printing or shipping fees, which makes them a viable investment. If you’re someone who possesses strong language skills, you could potentially become an expert copy editor that webmasters will gladly pay to read and edit articles and also correct any overlooked grammatical errors concerning web copy.

7. Become A Web Developer

A web developer is someone who can build a website from the ground up, start to finish. In order to be able to do this, you will need to learn how to code.  Web developers can earn decent money, but to become good at it, you really need to know your stuff, and this can take time. You can basically learn the skills for free online and continuing practicing.

The great thing about being a web developer is that you can work from pretty much anywhere in the world, if you work for yourself that is. You’re not tied down to one location.

8. Become A Vlogger/ YouTuber

Videos are becoming insanely more popular, especially for users under 25s. There’s just so many effective video content platforms on offer such as Instagram and Snapchat Stories, Facebook Live video and Youtube. With these outlets you have the chance to push your content out to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.
If you’ve always fancied yourself as an internet celebrity and like the idea of being in front of the camera, then this is the time for action.

People are changing the way they search and consume content on the internet. No longer is it just text rich articles that people read from finding them on a Google search. Internet users are now getting more engaged with rich media such as videos. Because they are more engaged, Vloggers are able to leverage this to their financial gain. Vloggers can make millions of dollars a year from their audiences.


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